Admit it or not, we are all hooked by the world of social media and spend hours picking one perfect photo which we can upload for the world to see. Some of us even go to the extent of editing the pictures endlessly to make it social media friendly.

If you also lie editing the photos before uploading them and you are wondering what is the best free software for editing photos, then the answer is mentioned right here.

  • Fotor

This software allows you to add frames, borders, special effects and much more to the photos. As the photos can be edited by using one-tap options, it’s quick and convenient. Though the software has some ads, it’s still worth it because you can access many features for free.

  • GIMP

You can use this software if you want to get your hands on some image enhancement tools and customizable layers, brushes, filters, etc. The best part of this software is that it’s still evolving. Active contributors keep it going stronger by the minute.

  • Photoshop Express

If you are looking for a quick photo editing software, then your search ends here. This software has added the best tools offered by Adobe in a simple interface to make photo editing fun rather than a tedious task.

  • Pixlr

If you own or operate an e-commerce store, website or you are an online seller, it will be smart to opt for this photo editing software. It has a lot of filter, masks, and brushes that make a product appear more sellable. It also allows you to save time by linking up with Facebook seamlessly.

  • net

This is the most feature loaded software because it has adjustments, layers and user-created plugins. Even a newcomer can grasp its function easily and use it perfectly from the first use.